Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming soon....?

Just to warn all those who are reading (Hi mom..), this is NOT my first review. No, no, instead I merely intend to reiterating my purpose of this blog.

But first, may I just talk about the city I intend to comb through? Knoxville, Tennessee. K-town. Residing itself in East Tennessee. Yup. The Bible belt. The south. To my friends up north, this place has an awful reputation. To my family at home, it is a simple pit stop on the way to whatever town we move to next. Although Knoxville does sit itself primarily in the 'red' part of the country, do not be fooled. When downtown towards the more 'city like' part of Knoxville, you will find some surprises. Vegetarian restaurants, strange homeless men reading poetry, hipster children scattered across parks playing a variety of instruments. There's a breath of fresh air from the stereotype of Knoxville, it exists I swear.

Now back to where I started, the reason why I set up this whole shiva. Well frankly everybody, I got tired of googling. Seriously, it's a huge pain, and honestly an embarrassment to type into a search engine, "local hole in the wall restaurants" And sure I got some results. Some places popped up, but when I looked further into these supposed 'foodie-favorites' all I found was an ugly face. People reviewing restaurants like they knew what they were talking about. People telling me that I MUST go to some Italian joint that it was TRUELY authentic, when come to find out all I could find was a plate of ketchup and overcooked noodles. (Any affectionate lover of Italian cuisine would know that CHEESE STICKS are not authentic to Italy.) So I got tired of it, I said 'screw it' to all those out there telling me where to eat. Instead I am finding out myself.

Yes I realize this is huge task to suddenly dive into, and yes I realize I may offend those who read this, but like I said, I am tired of it.

So here it is, my take and say on the local joints of Knoxville, TN. I will NOT be reviewing anything that I cannot afford. As stated in my description, you will NOT find reviews of the latest wine and tapas bar here. If my wallet cannot do it, then I will not eat it. Simple as that. Instead I plan to find the places that really leave a hand print on this city. Joints that are covered in old hippies, stoners and haggard business men alike. Places that attract a variety of sorts for one solid reason: The Food. Because quiet frankly, it is about The Food. Plain. Simple. Enjoyable.

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