Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Out of State but Still In Love: Rosebud on Rush

Chicago, IL

Let’s be clear. If you are hungry in chicago, your solution is far from easy. I was overwhelmed with the choices just blocks away from me. Take my advice: Just walk. Once you smell it you’ll know where to plant your tuckus and order. I planted myself at Rosebud on Rush. Sitting outside near the sidewalk I felt whimsical in my choice of dish that night: Sea Bass. My first ever experience with this fish. The server recommended it so why the hell not? 

10oz of sea bass on top of a bed of cooked spinach in a cream almond sauce. Everything in this dish made sense. Everything had a purpose and spoke to one another with incandescently clear notes. The fish itself was cooked in such a way that I envied whomever prepared it. Moist but flaky, juicy but with the perfect amount of sear. I have never tasted a fish that actually tasted milky and almost cream like. Tender soft and seemingly melting in my mouth. Once again what comes to my mind is milky, cream-like, luscious fish. With a small amount of acidity afterwards that went well with the spinach below it. The spinach doused in this sauce was natural. Although it was true as spinach could be, very earthy, however it was light at the same time. Again with a small amount of acidity that spinach offers went to and fro with the delectable comfort of the fish. However, without the almonds, nothing would have made sense. Due to its nutty and wood like taste, the almonds were the connecting thread throughout every element of this dish. Bringing that woody earth like tone, the almonds were the perfect note upon this tasteful melody. Being mostly apart of the sauce, which again was creamy but light. Although everything should have weighed me down and filled my stomach with luscious heavy comfort, it did not. This dish was simple well refined and attention to flavors were paid. Just by adding simple ingredients with staple flavors, the wood of the almonds the milkiness of the fish, this dish was comforting and sent waves of pleasure to my taste buds. 
To top off the entire evening, and maybe in a lovers euphoria due to my dish, I ordered the tiramisu. Please be advised, this is a huge ass piece of tiramisu, which I gladly dived into. All in all it is just that: tiramisu, the lady fingers however were particularly moist, oozing with rum and cocoa, which I prefer. Along with a cappuccino the night was gluttonous feast of edible pleasure. 

I could go on and on about the seating. The wonderful tea lit atmosphere the patio has to offer, that would liken to any Lady and The Tramp remake. Or our wonderful server who was as rambunctious and eager as ever to please our stomachs content. With the flowing glasses of wine and jolly atmosphere, I could go on. But it is about the food that will make me come back, and create a sigh in my heart each time I walk past this establishment. As if longing of a past lover that you never quiet got over. Rosebud has enveloped me in their warm cooking arms only to stuff me with pleasure and send me on my way. Craving their sweet embrace again. Oh we will meet again I am sure, if only in a dream. 
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