Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cafe 4: Doesn't ring a bell.

So while downtown during the street paintings for the Dog Wood Festival, I decided to stop by Cafe 4 for a quick lunch.

For an app, my fiance and I ordered their Truffle Fries. Tasty but nothing to really talk about. Fries were good nothing more. The truffle sauce that came with it was tasty but got old after a few bites. My fiance then ordered the 'Tennessee Melt' and I ordered two mini crab cakes with a side of spring mix. Again nothing really inspiring came out. The food was good, but wasn't great. The crab cakes were OK, although I am not a fan of having corn kernels in my crab cake batter. They were nicely sized but came on a plain bun with lettuce tomato and the same 'truffle' sauce the fries came with. My fiances melt was also OK, the meat was a bit dry and made us yearn for Niro's Gyros instead. The cheese was the same consistency as gas station nacho spread. The vegetables were cooked okay, but the flavors were bland and there was really not taste to the sandwich at all. My spring-mix was alright, the vinaigrette was really nice but there's only so much you can really enjoy out of leaves and dressing.

The whole entire time I was attempting to eat my meal I kept thinking 'Did I order the right thing? Am I missing out? Why are so many people here when the food is plain Jane?' It is a mystery to me. To be honest, I have to resort to talking about the service, that is HOW BORING the food was.
Our waitress was great, she had an awesome attitude and although the food was sub-par we really did appreciate her efforts. We sat outside and the tables were extremely small and it was very cramped.

Frankly this place is not worth it, I feel that it is all covered in hype and the only reason people really come here is to look nice sitting outside sipping at their wine and eating their seemingly 'high-end' dish. If you want to be seen for the sake of being seen, I suggest you eat here, however if you are actually concerned with what you are eating, or actually want a decent meal this isn't the 'Cafe' for you.
Cafe 4? Doesn't ring a bell. Move on.

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