Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hot Bagel Co: They Make it Good.

One early Saturday morning after a visit to the farmers market, my Fiance and I decided to take a visit to Hot Bagel Co.

This is a fairly simple sized bagel shop with alot of personality. With the huge chalk boards with scribbled bagel sandwiches and a giant board with all the bagel to choose from. Frankly I was overwhelmed. But In a good way. I love bagels, all shapes sizes and kinds especially with various cream cheeses. Luckily a woman upfront walked over and helped us out, she gave us a run down of how the bagel sandwhiches worked. She also told us of how the bagels were made, where the deli meats come from and how the owners started up, but lets get to the real reason I am writing here: The Food.

I ordered a turkey melt with swiss (with a few extra veggies) on an everything bagel, while my fiance ordered a salami melt (with some veggies) on an everything bagel.

Damn were these things good. You really have to appreciate a bagel more when it comes served to you soft and warm and wrapped in wax paper! I have never had an everything bagel with so much aroma to it, to the garlic on the bagel to the smoked turkey and swiss, my mouth was watering as soon as I set my bagel on the table.

To be frank: It was a damn good bagel, simple and sweet. It had a nice tug on the outside which I enjoy, but inside it was fluffy and warm. Even within the bagel could I taste the flavors of kosher salt, poppy seeds and garlic. It was enjoyable to eat, to smell and even to look at. The Turkey wasn't dry nor overly moist or salty (like most deli meats are when they're ordered from Sysco) I was informed that the owners specifically order their meats from a shop up in Jersey. Personally I really do respect anyone that gives attention towards the quality of their products and ingredients. The veggies on both of the sandwhiches were veggies, nothing to write home to. But the meats were delicious, my fiance's salami melt tasted like an intalian sub due to the infused garlic flavor throughout. I am not sure how our breath was afterwards but both of us really did not care. It was a satisfying meal and both of us had trouble even finishing all of our bagel-wiches.

Hot Bagel Co. is a true gem to Oak Ridge. It really humbles me to know that I can easily get an amazing and fulfilling bagel down the street. A bagel that was made with care and intention to be the best damn bagel you will ever have. The owners are a married couple from all around, they're truly obsessed with rowing (as you can tell from the copious amounts of row gear, flags and photos on their store walls) But as soon as you step into Hot Bagel Co. Its obvious: This is an everyday mans business. The man in the back making the damn bagels? The owner, the husband. This is their livelihood, and with that comes extreme focus on the quality of their product along with the reflection of care in their food. Their bagels truly show their work ethic: Make it right, make it good.

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